Game rules

Map  Combat of player and cell  Cīmbat of two players
Automatic collection  Event The Goal  About trust

And here you can see hot keys and game interface introduction

A map is a rectangle full of cells. Every cell on the map can be:
A wall. Nobody can access this cell.

Empty cell. It belongs to nobody. Nevertheless it can contain some soldiers.

Gold cell. This cell produces 100 units of gold when Event occurs

City cell. It is both a bank and a teleport. You can move from one city to any other. You can safely keep here your soldiers and gold.
All other cells are called common cells:  They belong to appropriate players.  Only owner of the cell can put or get soldiers or gold from the cell. See hot keys list

Combat of a player and a cell ( Territory conquest )

If a player tries to move to the cell, which belongs to another player, or to the empty cell, then following happens:

Combat of two players  ( When they meet each other on one cell )

If two players meet on one cell, first the combat of two players occurs. After that, if the winner
is not the owner of the cell, the combat of player and cell occurs.

   It is very important to put all your soldiers on the cell if other player is moving to you. Because your soldiers on the cell cost 3 times greater then if you bring them with you.  Use F2 button to put all your soldiers on the cell.

Automatic collection (Options)

Strategist Server does automatic soldiers collection for you. Soldiers grown up on cells. To collect soldiers from the cell you have to move to this cell. Two special numbers are used for automatic collection

After defined number of players steps event occurs.
Every cell on the map is processed with the following rules:

        The GOAL !

You can play in two game variants:

        1. Who will collect more gold than others wins. ( Time limit should be set up for such game )

        2. Who will collect more territory than others wins. ( There may be no time limit )

      About trust.

   In general after game started players make convention that they wouldn't attack each other in first 15 minutes in order to make
protection and become developed...

    Players can make aliances. This page will be updated recently about this feature.

And here you can see hot keys