Download this file and execute it:

( it contains both client for  Windows and server in Java )


To use server you have to install JDK1.1.7 or higher.

To find version of JDK for your operation system

where you want server to run please visit

To start server in Windows:

  • Check that path to java is in PATH  variable
  • In Windows you can start server from menu: Start->Programs->Strategist->StrategistServer

Server is started without console output and can be killed only with Ctrl+Alt+Del

To start server in Solaris or Linux:
  • Install Windows version in Windows
  • Copy C:\Program Files\Strategist\strateg directory with class files to Unix. This directory should be named "strateg" because it is a Java package.
  • Execute from shell: java strateg.StrategServer file://`pwd` `pwd`